Casino Plus Black Pink Game: Predict Colors to Win Lucrative Rewards

black pink

Do you love thrilling casino games? Are you looking for a game that is similar to your beloved color game? Then your search is over. Get ready to take your fortune to newer heights with the Black Pink game. This game looks pretty identical to your color game in which you have just to predict the colors where the three balls land. Let’s dive more into it and enjoy one of the best pastime games in the Philippines on Casino Plus.

About Black Pink Game

about black pink game

This is a simple live game of chance or luck. There are only two colors black and pink instead of so many colors and three balls will be dropped by the dealer on the pocketed table. There is a square-shaped box inside the table where the colors black and pink are located in the form of small squares. The dealer puts three balls on the pocketed table through a small hole and these balls will land on the small black and pink colored squares. Players have to predict the color combinations of these three balls like PPB, BBB, BPB, etc. where P stands for pink and B stands for black color.

How to Play Black Pink Game

how to play black pink game

This is a game of chance and playing this game is quite easy. Here is the guide and rules to follow:

  • You are given 20 sec to bet on the colors or their combinations. Click on the ‘bet’ option seen on the screen.
  • Before you bet, the percentage of colors that showed up since the game started, can be seen on the screen. Players need to watch carefully and then bet. Also, the payout ratios like 1:1, 7:1, etc are written alongside so check them out too.
  • The bet limit range is from 5-1000k PHP. So, start with smaller bets.
  • Then the live dealer puts three balls on the pocketed table, landing on black or pink-colored squared boxes.
  • If you bet on a color and the balls landed more than once on it, you gain double winnings for that color. For example, you bet on black color and if the balls landed on 2 or 3 black colors then you win twice or thrice accordingly.

Black Pink Bets and Payouts

black pink bets and payouts

Before placing your bets, first, take a look at the following bets and their payouts offered by this game. This will help in making informed decisions and winning substantial payouts. There are three types of bets and their payouts which are as follows:

  • Single-colored bet: When you place this bet, that means it could be black, pink or yellow (there are only two yellow color boxes in the table that have quite high payouts). Black and pink color give payouts of 1:1 while yellow color gives higher payouts of 15:1.
  • Same-colored bet: When you place this bet, that means you are placing bets on the same color for all three balls. All three balls might land on the same color. Here, black and pink colors give equal payouts of 7:1 while there are no three yellow colored boxes available in the table so this bet does not apply to yellow color. 
  • Multiple color bet: When you place this bet, that means you are predicting three different colors for all three balls dropped. Hence, you place a bet on the fact that these three balls will land on yellow, pink and black colored boxes. Since the probability is very low, this bet offers a huge payout of 30:1.

Black Pink Game Betting Strategies

black pink game betting strategies

Mastering the Black Pink Game involves adopting strategic techniques to enhance your winning potential. While luck remains a crucial factor, implementing the following strategies can add a level of skill to your approach:

1. Martingale Strategy: Double your bet after each loss and return to your initial wager upon winning. The aim is to recover losses with a single successful bet.

2. Fibonacci Strategy: Apply the Fibonacci sequence to determine bet amounts. Increase bets after losses based on the series and decrease them after a win.

3. Oscar’s Grind Strategy: Increase your bet by one unit after a loss and maintain the same bet after a win. The strategy focuses on gradually accumulating profits over a series of victories.

Black Pink Game Betting Tips

black pink game betting tips

Here are some important tips while playing this game.

  • Start with a Budget: Set a betting budget and adhere to it. Avoid chasing losses or exceeding your predetermined limits.
  • Practice Risk Management: Diversify your bets across different colors or combinations to minimize potential losses. Avoid putting all your bets on a single outcome.
  • Keep Calm and Have Fun: Approach the game with a positive mindset. Remember that it’s a game of chance, so enjoy the excitement it brings.


The bet limit ranges from 5-1000k PHP. So, you can start with smaller bets and then double your bet according to your winnings.

It is a game of chance as it involves predictions about where three balls will drop.

There are a few strategies like Martingale, Fibonacci and Oscar’s grind strategy. Players can pick based on their funds and winnings.


Black Pink game is a game to test your luck and players who are willing to take risks should play this game. This is a fast-paced game and you will not get enough time on which color to bet so take your time to practice this game and its rules first. We have provided some tips and strategies you can follow while playing this game. So, enjoy this game, predict colors or their combinations and win big real cash. Download the Casino Plus app now!

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