Casino Plus Exciting Promotions: Unlock Lucrative Bonuses and Other Rewards


Who does not want bonuses and rewards? What about promotions or rewards daily at your doorstep? Have you come across such platforms yet? If not, then you are at the right place. Casino Plus offers numerous bonuses and thrilling promotions to elevate your gameplay and provide a unique gaming experience. Let’s dive into more details and unveil your fun element in the below topics. Scroll down to know more.

Understanding Casino Plus Promotions

understanding casino plus promotions

Casino Plus is designed to provide you with the best gaming experience. Upon registration, you are entitled to numerous benefits like daily deposit bonuses, first deposit bonuses, VIP bonuses, Loss rebates and much more. Moreover, the platform consistently launches new promotions and tournaments where players can compete for exciting cash rewards, free spins, reload bonuses and much more. So, dive into the pool of various promotions and earn them now. 

Kickstart With 15% Deposit Bonus

kickstart with 15% deposit bonus

You get a 15% deposit bonus when you deposit on Casino Plus. This is a long-term bonus that applies to all members. Casino Plus can modify it at any point of time. To claim this, players are required to deposit a minimum of 100 PHP.

Bonus RateMaximum BonusTurnover
15%No Limit18x

Terms and Conditions

To claim this bonus, here are some conditions:

  • It is applicable only for Baccarat and Roulette games.
  • Turnover is at least 18x required before withdrawing it. For example, 

Deposit = 100 PHP then 

Bonus = Deposit 100 PHP × 15% = 15 PHP

Turnover = (100 PHP + 15 PHP) × 18 = 2070 PHP

  • Promo is applicable before placing any bets and cannot be applied in addition to other promotions.
  • Players must reach the required turnover to apply for this promotion.

Thrilling 30% First Deposit Bonus up to 100,000 PHP

thrilling 30% first deposit bonus up to 1,00,000 PHP

If you are a newcomer and deposit your funds for the first time, then you will be given a huge 30% first deposit bonus which is up to 100,000 PHP. Depositing 10,000 PHP entitles you to receive an additional 3,000 PHP in bonus credits, enhancing your overall gaming experience. The bonus comes with favorable 20x wagering requirements, offering a valuable opportunity to extend your gameplay and bolster your bankroll significantly.

Terms and Conditions

Here are some conditions to apply for this promotion:

  • The minimum deposit required is 10,000 PHP and this promotion is applicable for one-time use only.
  • Players must reach the required turnover which is 20x before making any withdrawal.

Promotion Million to Win up to 1,000,000 PHP

promotion million to win up to 1,000,000

Upon accumulating P100 in weekly deposits, reaching a total betting amount of 100, qualifies you for a single play in the Lucky Draw. Participants have the chance to win a maximum bonus of 1 million. This event is executed automatically and guarantees a 100% winning rate.

Terms and Conditions

Here are some conditions to claim this promotion.

  • Lucky Draw offers 12 areas to choose from, each featuring 3 symbols representing different amounts.
  • To win, users must achieve 3 identical symbols when participating in the Lucky Draw.
  • Clicking start initiates the Lucky Draw; if users leave the page or delay their choice, the system will automatically start.
  • Valid bets contributing to the event can be generated from any game lobby.
  • Only a 2x turnover is required for withdrawal, and there is no limit in the game lobby.
  • Participation is limited to once a week per player.
  • The event period spans from the first day at 12:00 am to the last day at 12:00 am; participation outside this period is not possible.

100% Daily Deposit Bonus on Gamezone Slots

100% daily deposit bonus on Gamezone slots

This is applicable for Gamezone slots only. It is also a long-term bonus which all the members can apply for.

Bonus RateMaximum BonusTurnover

Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions required to apply for this promotion.

  • If you place a bet after a deposit, then you cannot claim this bonus.
  • Turnover = (1000 + 1000) × 20 = 40,000 is required before making any withdrawal.
  • This promotion is not applicable along with other promotions and cannot be shared in any way.
  • Verification of various player details like full name, bank account, phone number, etc are required to claim this promotion.

8% Loss Rebate on Gamezone Slots

8% loss rebate on Gamezone slots

This promotion applies to all the members of Casino Plus and they need to apply it before 23:59:59 every night. Players can apply for it once per day and they are eligible to apply if they have suffered a loss of at least 1000 PHP.

LevelsRebate Rate (%)Maximum BonusTurnover
Level 2550,000 PHP1x
Level 3650,000 PHP1x
Level 4750,000 PHP1x
Level 5850,000 PHP1x

Terms and Conditions

Here are some conditions to apply for this promotion.

  • Applicable for those who suffered losses in Gamezone slots only.
  • To withdraw it, 1x turnover is required along with the minimum withdrawal amount.
  • If any fraudulent activity to claim this promotion is done, then Casino Plus has the authority to deduct this amount without any prior notice.

Exclusive VIP Perks

exclusive VIP perks

Upon registering and consistently playing on Casino Plus, players have the opportunity to advance through various levels, unlocking a range of VIP bonuses and rewards. Refer to the table below for detailed information:

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Level up RequirementRegister SuccessfullyDaily Deposit 100 PHPDaily Deposit 100,000 PHPDaily Deposit 500,000 PHPDaily Deposit 2000,000 PHP
Retain Level RequirementRegister SuccessfullyDeposit 2500 PHPDeposit 40,000 PHPDeposit 400,000 PHPDeposit 800,000 PHP
Points Rebate RateNo0.1%0.2%0.3%0.5%
Level up RewardNo10 PHP1500 PHP4500 PHP15000 PHP
Level Maintainance Reward No10 PHP600 PHP1500 PHP6000 PHP


Casino Plus provides a variety of promotions, including welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, VIP bonuses, Loss rebates, free spins, cashback offers, and special promotions for specific games.

To claim the first deposit bonus, simply register on Casino Plus, make your first deposit and the bonus will be automatically credited to your account. However, you need to fill in the requirement of minimum deposit and the turnover.

Yes, some bonuses may have wagering requirements. Players are advised to review the terms and conditions of each promotion to understand specific wagering requirements.


Casino Plus offers a diverse array of promotions designed to enhance the gaming experience for both new and existing players. From lucrative welcome bonuses to exciting loss rebates, promotions million and other VIP offers, the platform provides ample opportunities to boost your gameplay and maximize your winnings. Players need to explore the promotions page regularly, stay informed about the latest offers, and take advantage of these rewarding incentives for an enriched casino journey on Casino Plus. Download the Casino Plus app now!