Why Play No Commission Baccarat at Casino Plus?

Why Play No Commission Baccarat

No Commission Baccarat is a variation of the standard baccarat game that effectively removes the commission from every winning Banker bet. The result is that both Player and Banker bets pay out even money except for when the Banker bet wins with a 6. The gameplay of both Classic and No Commission tables are the same except for the payout value and the inclusion of a new side bet.

Banker Bets Pay Out Even Money

The main attraction of No Commission Baccarat tables is the even money Banker bet. Banker bets have an inherent advantage over the Player bet thanks to the third card drawing rules that only make the banker draw when they don’t have a good hand against the Player’s hand. Removing the commission gives players more chances of winning even money, at the cost of the occasional 50% fee for a winning Banker bet with a 6.

No Commission Baccarat bets placed

The naturally low hose edge of 1.06% for the Banker bet goes up to 1.46% in No Commission Baccarat, even higher than Player bet’s standard 1.24%. This higher house edge is reflected in the 50% fee paid out after winning with a 6.

No Commission Baccarat Super 6 Side Bet

As the Banker bet charges a 50% commission on winning hands with a 6, bettors will need to find a way to get paid out big even when a 6 on Banker appears. The Super 6 side bet is available for gamblers who want to get paid out big with a Banker bet. The only disadvantage this bet has is that the winning condition is for Banker to win with a 6 and there’s no guarantee that this will happen all the time.

Super 6’s payout is 12:1 so there’s a big chance to win big, except that this costs an additional bet. A PHP 100 bet each on Banker and Super 6 will cost PHP 200 and the payout is PHP 1,450. The downside is that if Player racks up a winning streak and Banker loses and bettors stick to Banker with both bets, the potential payout of this side bet is not enough to recoup losses.

Ties at both 6 result in a push for Super 6. Still, the potential for high payouts is exciting.

Good Game for Positive Progression Betting Systems

No Commission Baccarat

Using the one-sided betting system and sticking to Banker with a constant bet amount remains as a valid baccarat strategy even when the Banker wins with 6. The only problem here is that it’s harder to recoup losses after Player wins consistently and Banker wins with a 6 from time to time. Still, betting systems that utilize doubling bets for wins can keep the payouts high so positive progression systems is ideal here. Using negative progression isn’t ideal since the player will end up with a lower bankroll after trying to recoup losses.

Banker bet’s even money payout is perfect for playing with betting systems and even the occasional 50% commission won’t put much of a dent on a gambler’s bankroll when they’re not trying to recoup losses.


No Commission Baccarat is an excellent game to play when aiming to win big from consistent wins with even money bets. The Banker bet remains as the most advantageous bet any player can make at the cost of a potential 50% commission from time to time. Bettors won’t have to worry too much about losing big when sticking with Banker bet since it still pays out some money.

Try out Casino Plus’s No Commission Baccarat today! Try and win big with a Banker and a Super 6 bet. You wouldn’t wanna miss out on the potential high payout of the side bet.

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