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If you are a Filipino player of card games, then you must have played Tongits game. Tongits became widely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic when lockdowns were imposed worldwide. Do you want to relive those fascinating moments when the whole family used to play this card game? Then join us at Casino Plus to play Tongits and its different versions. Let’s talk more about this game in detail.

About Tongits

about tongits

Tongits is a popular Filipino card game that gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Playjoy created it and has claimed that Tongits Go (one version) was downloaded the most number of times and has the highest registrations so far. Playjoy has created this game for the masses to have fun with their friends and family as it became a great pastime during the lockdowns. Whether you are a newcomer, intermediate or expert, you can play this game in seven different modes which make the game more thrilling and exciting.

How to Play Tongits

how to play tongits

In the game, the objective is to achieve the lowest score in your hand by strategically discarding cards through the creation of melds, which include “books” and “sequences.” Tong-its stands out as an exclusive three-player game within the Rummy family, offering a unique and intriguing dynamic due to its odd player count. The game begins with a random selection of the dealer, followed by a distinct card distribution, creating the dealer’s initial 13-card hand and providing 12 cards to each non-dealing player. The stock, placed in the center, serves as a reservoir for drawing additional cards.

The game officially starts when the dealer discards a card, initiating the discard pile. Players draw from the stock and discard in counterclockwise order, making melds and sets during their turns. Melds involve specific card combinations, akin to popular poker hands, with each card assigned a point value, tallied at the game’s end.

Tong-its can conclude through various scenarios, such as a stock-out where all stock cards are drawn, the automatic victory declaration called “Tung-it” when a player empties their hand, or a “Draw” scenario initiated by a player claiming the lowest card total. The Double Hit, inspired by Mahjong, allows a player to instantly win the game by melding and setting their entire hand without drawing or discarding. Games can be played in sets of two, determining an overall match winner based on the lowest scorer. Tong-its offers a strategic and engaging card game experience with its unique rules and scoring mechanisms.

Card Combinations in Tongits

card combinations in tongits

Card Combinations in Tong-its, also known as “Bahay,” consist of four unique melds, each requiring specific card combinations:

  1. Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same rank. For Example: All 7s or all Kings.
  2. Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same rank or all copies of a particular card in the deck. For Example: All Aces from each suit (♥♦♣♠).
  3. Sagasa: A Four of a Kind formed by setting on a Three of a Kind. An important thing to note here is that the player who melded the Three of a Kind must set the fourth card to create a Sagasa. Otherwise, it remains a set on the end of a meld.
  4. Straight Flush: A sequence of cards that are all the same suit, similar to Poker. For Example: 7, 8, 9, 10, J, all of ♠.

In addition to these melds, players have the option to “set” cards on top of melds created by another player. Cards can be placed on either end of the set, provided it is legally allowed. For instance, players can add a 6♠ or Q♠ to a Straight Flush. Players are permitted to set as many cards as they legally can within a turn.

Tongits Gameplay Rules

tongits gameplay rules

Below are the basic rules to follow before playing Tongits.

  • No Early Draw Declarations: Do not declare Draw at the beginning of the game without playing any melds or sets. It is considered rude and against the unofficial rules. Draw may only be declared when it is your turn.
  • Draw and Discard: A card must be drawn at the start of each player’s turn, and a card must be discarded at the end of each player’s turn. This is mandatory unless a player ends the game without discarding on their turn.
  • Dealer Participation: The dealer is considered a “player” once the game has begun.
  • Setting and Melding: Players may set or meld as many times as they are able on their turn. However, setting or melding during other players’ turns is not allowed.
  • No Wild Cards: Unlike other Rummy variations, Tong-its does not have wild cards.
  • Ace Values: Aces are both high and low for melds but are only worth 1 point in the hand at the end of the game, making them versatile and low-risk cards.

Scoring and Points in Tongits

scoring and points in tongits

The below table will explain how each card has a different value.

K, Q, J, 1010 points
99 points
88 points
77 points
66 points
55 points
44 points
33 points
22 points 
Ace1 points

At the game’s conclusion, all cards in each player’s hand have their associated point totals tallied up. Normally, tallies are taken only if a Draw is Challenged unless it is a 2-round game, in which case tallies are always recorded.

Strategy and Tips to Win at Tongits

strategy and tips to win at tongits

Before you play this fascinating card game, you must learn how you can improve your chances of winning money. Some tips are as follows:

  • No Wild Cards, Complete the Meld: Since there are no wild cards, ensure you have every copy of the required meld to make a complete set.
  • Balance Setting and Melding: Setting relies on your opponents, and solely setting without melding can lead to being Burned. Aim to make your first meld quickly.
  • Quick Melding: As a card must be drawn at the start of each turn, a Tong-its game lasts no longer than 17 hands. With only 7 or 8 turns, try to empty your hand swiftly before Stock-Out occurs.
  • Strategic Holding of Secrets: Holding onto a “Secret,” a complete Four of a Kind in your hand, can be a strategic trap against players who frequently declare Draw. The Secret baits them into declaring Draw, allowing you to play those cards before the tally, making your hand appear larger when they declare Draw.


Tongits is a popular card game that belongs to the Rummy family. It is played with a standard 52-card deck and is unique for being designed exclusively for three players.

The game begins with a dealer distributing cards, and the goal is to have the lowest score in hand at the end of the game. Players achieve this by forming specific card combinations known as “melds” and “sets.”

Melds are specific groupings of cards that meet certain requirements, such as Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Sagasa, and Straight Flush. Sets involve adding cards to existing melds or creating new ones.


Tongits stands out as a captivating card game that has successfully made its mark in the world of online gaming, particularly on Casino Plus. With its roots in the Philippines, Tongits has gained widespread popularity for its unique gameplay and strategic elements. Casino Plus offers an engaging platform for enthusiasts to enjoy this thrilling card game conveniently. As you dive into the exciting world of Tongits on Casino Plus, you’ll discover a vibrant community, immersive gameplay, and the chance to showcase your strategic prowess. Join the fun and download the Casino Plus app now!

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