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color game

Color games are popular betting games often found in carnivals where different people can bet on the color of the three die faces. Each D6 die will have one color per face and bettors will need to guess the resulting colors after the roll. In Casino Plus, the dealer pulls a rope and lets three large dice roll to reveal the faceup colors.

About Color Game

about color game

This is a game of chance where the objective of the game is to predict the color of the three dice once they roll. There are 6 areas to bet that have colors and whenever players get their turn, they can predict color or color combinations and they can also bet on a corresponding area or multiple areas. This game was popular in fairs and different people generally played but now this game has become an online sensation and reached the masses. 

Color Game Rules

color game rules

The rules of the color game are very simple. Before playing this game, learn the following rules:

  • Place Bets on Individual Colors: Start by placing bets on specific colors before the dice are rolled. If the rolled color matches the player’s selection, they win.
  • Multiply Chances with Multiple Bets: Players can increase their winning opportunities by placing bets on multiple colors. The more bets placed, the higher the chances of winning.
  • Explore Various Rewards for Multiple Matches: Casino Plus offers different rewards for multiple color matches. Players stand to win more by betting on a variety of colors.
  • Consider Side Bets for Combined Colors: Players can opt for side bets by betting on combined colors. Higher odds are offered for the same color combination, while lower odds apply to different color combinations.
  • Diversify with Different Color Combinations: Explore the option to bet on combined colors, whether they are of the same or different combinations. Odds favor those who bet on the same color, while diverse color combinations offer lower odds.
  • Understand the Odds for Same and Different Color Combinations: Acknowledge that betting on the same color combination comes with higher odds. Conversely, betting on combinations of different colors involves lower odds.
  • Enjoy Simplicity and Excitement: The Color Game is designed for simplicity and excitement. Place bets strategically and watch the dice roll to determine your winning color.
  • Experience Versatile Betting Options: With the Color Game, players have versatile betting options. Choose between individual colors or explore combined color bets for a dynamic gaming experience.
  • Strategize for Optimal Winning: Develop a strategy by considering both individual color bets and side bets. Strategizing increases the chances of winning and adds depth to the gaming experience.

How to Play Color Game

how to play color game

Playing this exciting game is very easy. The below tips will help you how to play this game.

  1. Place Bets on Chosen Colors: Players choose a color and place bets on the corresponding colored squares before the countdown timer expires.
  2. Game Commencement and Dice Drop: Once the game starts, the host initiates the game by pulling the rope, causing the dice to drop.
  3. Determine the Winning Color: After the dice come to a stop, the host identifies the winning color (the color facing up). The winning colors illuminate on the screen simultaneously.
  4. Reset for Tilted or Out-of-Box Dice: If the dice falls out of the box or is tilted, it is returned to the starting position. The host releases and drops the specific dice again to ensure a fair and accurate outcome.
  5. Entering the Super Game: A player achieving three wins of the same color in a round qualifies for the Super Game. In the Super Game, the player selects one color, and if victorious, their total win equals the previous round’s total (bet amount x 3) multiplied by 20 (Super Game), resulting in a total payout of x60. If the player does not win, the previous payout applies (bet amount x 3).

Color Game Betting Strategies

color game betting strategies

Developing a strategic approach to the Color Game can enhance your chances of success, acknowledging that luck remains a key factor. Consider the following techniques:

Martingale Strategy

This method involves doubling your bet after each loss, reverting to the initial wager upon a win. The Martingale strategy aims to recover losses with a single victorious outcome.

Fibonacci Strategy

Utilize the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical pattern where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers (e.g., 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.). Apply the sequence to determine bet amounts, increasing after a loss and decreasing after a win.

Oscar’s Grind Strategy

Increase your bet by one unit after a loss and maintain the same bet after a win. The objective is to gradually accumulate profits over a series of successful outcomes.

It’s important to note that while betting strategies can enhance your overall gaming experience, they do not guarantee consistent winnings. Always exercise caution and gamble responsibly.

Why Choose Casino Plus Color Game

why choose casino plus color game

Casino Plus offers magnificent features of this beloved game and hence one should play on our platform for to following reasons:

  • Intuitive Interface for Seamless Navigation: Casino Plus provides a user-friendly interface for easy game exploration, effortless bet placement, and hassle-free access to account details.
  • Ensured Security and Fairness: Casino Plus employs advanced security protocols and incorporates random number generators (RNGs) to guarantee fair gameplay. This ensures a secure and trustworthy betting experience.
  • Diverse Payment Methods for Convenience: Casino Plus offers flexibility in payment options. The platform supports various payment methods like Gcash, Paymaya, E-wallets, USDT, etc, to enhance the convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds.

Casino Plus recently started offering a new live casino game similar to Color Game, in a way that this game also involves colors. Black Pink is technically considered a color game but its game mechanics are different. Players will still guess colors, but this game is arguably easier due to the fewer betting options.

Color Game Winning Tips

color game winning tips

Though there is no guarantee to win this game since this is a game of chance, here we are sharing some tips that will improve the winning odds.

  1. Set a Bankroll Limit: Decide on a specific bankroll for the Color Game, ensuring it is an amount you can comfortably afford to lose. This approach helps avoid impulsive betting beyond your means.
  2. Understand the Element of Chance: Acknowledge that the Color Game is inherently a game of chance. There are no guaranteed patterns for a sure win, emphasizing the need for responsible and measured betting.
  3. Practice with the Free Online Version: Utilize the free online version of the Color Game to practice and familiarize yourself with the gameplay. Gain insights into how the game operates and consider consistently wagering on color combinations with higher odds.
  4. Strategic Betting for Higher Odds: Opt for a smart betting strategy by consistently wagering on color combinations with higher odds. Take a calculated approach to maximize your chances of winning while understanding the game’s dynamics.
  5. Pause and Pace Your Bets: Be a mindful player by pausing and pacing your bets. This approach allows you to make informed decisions and optimize your gameplay for a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.


It is an online betting game where players predict the outcome of the color combination of the three dice rolled.

Yes, the Color Game is optimized for mobile play. You can enjoy the game seamlessly on your smartphone or tablet, providing flexibility and convenience.

To play this game, simply choose your preferred color combination of the three dice once they roll. You can select from various options such as single-color, two-color combination, or specific sequences.


Color game is unique in the sense that it can be played by anyone irrespective of age. It is one of the best games to spend time having fun and thrill. Since this is a game of chance, we recommend you first go through the rules, betting tips and winning tips of this game in this post and then decide how much you can bet. If it sparks an interest in you, then what are you waiting for? Join Casino Plus today, download the Casino Plus app and start winning unlimited bonuses and promotions.

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