Limbo Review:


Limbo is a fairly simple JILI game where a rocket will fly up and end on a certain multiplier amount. The goal of the game is to set up the multiplier amount they’re betting on and the rocket must exceed the amount for the gambler to get paid out. While seemingly simple, the game itself is more complicated than it seems.

Pros and Cons of Limbo

Limbo is a seemingly simple game where players must only set up a multiplier amount and how much they’ll stake and hope that the rocket will go past the multiplier amount set up. The catch is that the winning amount is capped by the multiplier set up by the player. The rocket can go up from as low as between 1x and 2x up to 10000x up, depending on the RNG and the player’s luck.

To have a chance to get paid out big, players will need to set up the multiplier amount as high as possible without being too unrealistic with expectations. Setting up the multiplier to be low lets bettors get paid out more frequently at the cost of only getting a small payout, which hurts when the rocket gets up to at least 100x or above and the player’s multiplier is only set up at 2x to 10x for more frequent wins.

Safe Limbo wins

JILI’s Limbo also features some bonuses when they win with a certain multiplier amount.

The main pros of Limbo are its simplicity and integrated bonus wins while the cons are the complexity of the winning, more frequent low wins, and less frequent high wins that also make the bonuses hard to win. Gamblers who really want to win big will need to bet on relatively high multipliers while staking high.

How to Play Limbo

To play, gamblers will need to first set up the multiplier amount that the rocket will need to pass for the bet to qualify. The multiplier amount serves as both the barrier from getting paid out while also dictating how much the player will win. Because the payout is locked behind how much the multiplier amount is, gamblers will need to balance their bet amount with the multiplier since low multipliers pay out more often while higher multipliers have higher payouts but lower chances of winning.

Limbo set up auto play

Extremely cautious bettors can set up an extremely low multiplier amount and set up an autoplay in the hundreds of rounds to try and get paid out from a hundred rounds with small payouts. Keep in mind that the lowest multiplier possible is 1x but this only breaks even so setting up a low multiplier is ideal to achieve frequent low payout wins.

Avoiding the autoplay allows players to adjust their multiplier and bets from time to time to aim for the occasional 40x or higher multiplier amounts. 

Limbo Paytable Chart

Limbo multiplier bonus

Limbo doesn’t have any traditional paytables and the payout is largely determined by the multiplier amount set up by the gambler. When the rocket exceeds the multiplier amount set up by the gambler, the payout will be the player’s stake multiplier by the multiplier amount they set up instead of the final multiplier landed on by the rocket.

Limbo does offer a bonus payout table that pays out a certain amount regardless of how much the initial bet was.

Is Limbo a Good Game?

Rare high multipliers missed out due to safe bets

No. The payouts are fixed according to what the player has set up and lower payouts are typically the norm. Bettors typically won’t be able win big through high multipliers and most wins will be small as most outcomes typically range from 1x to 2x with even 10x outcomes being fairly rare. Even high rollers might not be able to win back their losses amounting in the thousands through this game by constantly playing the 1000x multiplier amount.

We recommend that players try out other games, including JILI slot machines or live casino games.


Limbo is a deceptively simple game that’s fairly hard to win in so bettors will have to settle with low multiplier amounts to win more frequently. The higher the multiplier amount set, the lower the chances of winning and getting paid out.

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